backup exec 2010 r2/r3 slow backup issue

Hi, before my backup server was a server 2003/x86/BE10d and my incremental backups ran super fast. then i upgraded that same server to server 2008r2/x64/BE2010r2 then r3

and the speed of most backups went down, however, my incremental backups run at no faster than dial up speed of 1.00MB/m. I am backing up a file server. the full backup runs not too bad at 664MB/m but the incremental backup of that same server is sooooo slow. ive tried backing up to USB, NAS or another server network drive and still the same result. I dont know whats causing it to be that slow. I have the granular recovery option off as well.

i even upgraded to the Gold release of R3 and still did not help at all.

used to complete in seconds before the upgrade, now takes 10+ minutes for just a couple megs
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honmapogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How much data are you actually backing up in the incremental job? You say it takes 10+ minutes for a couple of MB. Is that couple of MB all of the incremental data you're backing up?

During an incremental job using the archive bit, Backup Exec needs to traverse all files/folders on the volume to determine which files have the archive bit set and thus need to be backed up. All that checking takes time, but if none of the files have the archive bit set, none of this time is counting towards the MB count. So in simple mathematics - the numerator (MB) does not increase, while the denominator (min) does increase, leading to a very low ratio overall.
This is perfectly normal, and if your backup is only taking about 10 minutes, I would not worry about this.

If the time the backup takes gets longer than the backup window you've allocated, then you could try using the "Change Journal" method of doing incrementals, rather than using an archive bit method.
That's very weird. Have you tried contacting Symantec support about this? I'm not sure how things are in the US but in the UK you get 1 year of free support when you buy BE 2010. They'll have you on hold for a bit but have helped solve may of my BE 2010 unexplained issues.
Isn't that what I suggested?
ComptxAuthor Commented:
Sorry, admin, could you cancel this request and assign the points to Honmapoq?

Honma, symantec couldnt figure out why the backups were slow. server thats being backed up didnt change, but the backup server changed (from server 2003 to 2008, and from BE10d to BE2010r2) full backups ran faster. so we just gave up and decided to just let it take 15 minutes to backup 10-20mb's
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