change user name for secondary account on mackbook pro

I go the to the users folder and I select the username I want to change but there is no option to change the name. I tried manually using a mv user newuser command in the command terminal but got a permission denied error.
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There is system settings item named accounts to assist in your struggle.
libertyforall2Author Commented:
Issue resolved. Thanks.
The user's folder name equals the short name of the (full) user name in the Accounts pane of System Preferences. The only way to change that would be in the user-name pane in the Accounts pane.
1. Right-click user name on the left side of the window (after selecting the Accounts pane)
2. Select "Advanced Options" from the pop-up menu
3. Change what you want to change. You may first need to create a new home folder, select this one and move the user's files there.


Before you do this:
– Make a backup first, preferably a full disk clone; user Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper for that
– Before making changes to a 'real' user account, create a test user account to try this method first. I know you can make these changes, but didn't need to do it this way myself so far.

1. Delete the user you want to change
2. Save files/data in a disk image (you get a question for that in the Accounts pane)
3. Create a new user with the correct short name; this will automatically become the name of the home folder.

Again, before you start this kind of work, make a backup first (please)
Well, moderators, please delete my previous answer then. This is wasting time if the correct answer was already given before the zone change.
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