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Video Formats Emicsoft Conversion

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I own a Windows 7 PC, but at work we have MACS (some older, some newer) in addition to PC's.  I used to either save or convert video files into an MPG-2 format when I wanted to share.   Although the MPG files were very large, they provided the best resolution (and I'm willing to deal with the hassle of huge files in order to get the best possible picture & sound).  The problem I've encountered is that some of the MACS no longer play MPG files (which, for the life of me, I can't understand).  I purchased Emicsoft Total Video Converter, and the number of format options (and settings) are staggering.  What video format is best for converting video clips or slide shows into, or for converting my MTS HD video camera productions, so that they can be viewed in the best possible resolution by ANY computer?

Am I forgetting to ask some important questions or provide important details?


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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.

Have a look at VLC player http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ and if there is a version for your MAC download and try it out.  If it works on your MAC your problems may be over.

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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
Distinguished Expert 2019

h.264 mp4's are the most often used HD standard

I suggest h.264 as codec and Matroska (mkv) as container.
H.264 is very suitable for high quality videos and Matroska format is becoming very popular, well supported and it's a flexible format (for example you can store more than a single audio track)



Perfect response.  Thank you!  I do have one additional question, though ...

You mention setting the compression ratio to preserve quality.  Can you please tell me which setting that is?  Frame Rate?  Bit Rate?  Resolution?


You are Welcome! :)

Yes, you can set those parameters as per your need.

MP4 itself a compressed format, if you are converting from any raw video format like MPG the converter will take care of compression, but yes you can set resolution,bit rate etc. for additional compression. The output will depend on which converter you use.


Which direction provides HIGHER quality?  Is it a higher # of frames per second, higher bitrate, or higher resolution (is there a setting at which something doesn't work anymore, or can I just set everything to the highest possible setting?).

Thanks again,

Yes, but these settings will directly affect the output file size.
Its better you don't change the video frame rate (keep default), because sometimes it affects the audio-video synchronization.
You can set audio bit rate to higher for better sound quality but increasing video resolution from original won't increase the video quality so its better to keep it as the original, you will get the same quality with comparatively small size for MP4 format.


You've answered a bunch of nagging questions, and given me the confidence to go forward.  THANKS A MILLION !!
Well...its what I'm here for. To answer...so welcome again ! :)

Regardless of the codec/format you are going to encode to the main factor that controls the quality is the video bitrate, and secondly, the audio bitrate and codec.
Changing the frame rate doesn't affect the video quality and can produce hassles depending on the player.

Optionally, there other advanced options that you can set for the codec you are using, like filters. These are normally set to a default value that is suitable to get a good result. Since the most of them are very technical it's normally preferable to leave them untouched if you don't know what you're doing.

Finally, as Ronak_Patel said, you can't increase the quality from an original high quality video, you can only try to reduce the file size preserving a good quality or produce a file in a different format but the same quality as original.
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