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Excel Function

Moiz Saif
Moiz Saif asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I work for a company that completes Service Orders as a task and the team needs to complete atleast 30 S.O to receive money.

I need a function in excel that computes the math.

So if the number is > than 30 then 30/6 where 6 is the number of working days which is equivalent to 5/day then 5*30 is the amount they receive which is 150. I need a function to compute the math to output 150$
Although if the number of input is 31 then 31/6 is 5.1666 which should be rounded to 5

Another function similar to above should be used
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Moizsaif, sorry your question isn't very clear, especially the bit about "another" formula.

When do you round up, if ever? What happens if the SO total gets to say 50?


round up only on the division part of the function portion so say if total is 50 then 50/6=8.33 rounded up to 8

My condition states for a total below 30 should not be considered and the output is 0.
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let's assume u have your SO count in cell "A1"

Formula 1:
then the function should read" =rounddown($A$1/6,0)*30

Formula 2:

let me know if it helps!!!

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