Issues while installing Windows PowerShell V2.0 on Windows XP SP3

I am facing issues while installating the Windows Powershell V2.0 on my windows xp SP3 machine.
I had the Windows PS V2.0 (CTP3) installed earlier which I had to un-install because of a issue now that I want to reload Windows PS V2.0 I just cannot get it on.

This machine earlier had PS v1.0 as well though, I downloaded the install file from the MS website "Update for Windows XP (KB968930)" and tried installaing it but when it finished and I looked under "C:\winnt\system32\windowspowershell" folder I saw the v1.0 folder created??
I thought i had installed V2.0 but wasnt the case.

Can someone help me out to get this sorted?

Thanks in Advance

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rlandquistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Version 2.0 is still installed in the Version 1.0 folder
To verify in PowerShell type get-host
the version is listed
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