HTML in email. Trying to control DIV email

I've developed a simple page for a mass emailing and I'm trying to control the width of a DIV element when the page is viewed in Outlook.  Here's the page:

I've followed the suggestions found here:
1. I'm using a table for layout.
2. My CSS is all inline.

The parent DIV, unfortunately, is giving me trouble.  When I send the page, it vanishes completely.  Image 1 shows the DIV border on the page.  Image 2 shows the missing border after the email has been sent.  

Suggestions?  Should I wrap the enter <table> element in a parent <table> <td> combo instead of a parent <div>?
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For HTML e-mail, you want to keep the HTML as simple and dummed-down as possible. Many e-mail clients simply don't support the latest and greatest. That means lots of tables instead of divs. It's not great code for a web browser, but it's the best bet for HTML e-mail.

So, yes, wrap the existing table inside of another table instead of using a DIV and it should work well.
jdanaAuthor Commented:
The wrapper table did the trick.  Configuring HTML / CSS for email is so weird!
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