flash above HTML: how to make html enable ?

Hello experts
I have an HTML page and I have placed a wmode transparent flash movie above it.
Looks fine !
Trouble is that HTML part behind the flash (like links) are disabled by flash.

Transparent Flash captures all clicks events and I cannot interact with HTML any more.

Is there a way to make :
display flash above HTML (I will show there some animations etc...) AND make the HTML interactive ?

You can have a look at what's wrong at http://proxymis.com/test/


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Pravin AsarPrincipal Systems EngineerCommented:
Try using z-index attribute for HTML Container /Flash Object

Also look at


yarekGmailAuthor Commented:
z-index helps to set flash on the top : that is what I have done.
Trouble is that transparent zones of flash disable the HTML that is behind.


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