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Comments In Excel do not stay the size i created

rschmehl asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a spread sheet which has some VBA code and it is saved as a xls file. This spread sheet also has Comments which pop up when you hover with the cursor. I have protected the whole file and locked the comments with the comment formatter.  But when i save and reopen the comments are different sizes and do not show the text correctly.
I've gone crazy already but if any knows why this happens.
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can you post a copy of the workbook you are using?  What version of excel are you using?  I have xl2007 and when i saved, closed, and re-opened, the comments stayed the same size.....



I am using excel 2007 sp2.  
what is the text supposed to look like and what does it change back to?
i am seeing them in Georgia-Bold-size 8 font


If you hover over line 25 or so you'll see some of the text cut off n the comment when it pops up.  I have sized these several time aand when i close and re open they change. If you open the comet ffor edit you can see  the whole text
i dont see anything cut off, could you provide a screen shot?


Screen shot of coment when you open for edit. The same thing happens when you hover over
.........i resized it, saved, closed.......it showed everything........so i closed completely out of excel, reopened it......and it still stayed resized...................


Wow, I just opened the file you sent back and it looks exacly the same, comments are not correct.  So could his be a proplem wiith my version of excel  or possible a missing update??
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you can change the width and height to one size that can work for all comment boxes


thanks for the help
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