Need help determining bits per frame and bandwidth

Please do not give me the answer, as I am trying to work this on my own, just need to know where I can go to get trained up on formulas.

Basically I have an HDTV rated at 1920 pixels with 1080 scanlines and needing 24 bits per pixel for luminance, how many bits per frame are required with a 200:1 compression rate.


New HDTV set is 1920 pixels with 1080 scanlines and uses pixel for chrominance and luminance on screen, transmitting at 60 bits per second. How much bandwidth is required at 200:1 compression rate.

I just need to know how to go about figuring out the forumals, thanks!
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TommySzalapskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need any special formulae or calculators. It's just an arithmetic word problem.

If there are 1980*1080 pixels and 24 bits per pixel then how many total bits are there?
If you compress to 1/200th the original size, then how many compressed bits are there per frame?
If there are 60 frames per second, then how many compressed bits per second are there?
aburrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TommySzalapski: has given you mush useful step by step info.
Depending on just what you want you might consider what the 200 c0m-ression rate means. Is it really a straignt ration or does it vary with the picture content?
what effect does chrominance and luminance have on the bit rate.
You then need the relation ship between bit rate and bandwidth (see google)
You might find the following two links useful
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