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I need Custom Workflow for the following

a way to notify via e-mail to all site users of a specific site when user adds/modifies content to the site it also has to send when a site owner posts on site members behalf

	while Document is Added
	while Document Changed
	while Calendar Events Added
	while Calendar Event Changed
	while Communications Added
	while Communications Changed

need an indicator on the site that the users will receive e-mail that there is a new/updated content

only key users should be able to trigger the alerts

	The site owner will have an option to send the notification right away, or compile the Days/Weeks updates and send out in a single email (aggregated content).

	Create a new alert feature using out of box features.

	Create site columns of type choice

	1)Send to
          i) All (Default)
          iv. Owners
       2)Notify Now
         i)Yes (Default)

	Add above site columns to lists and libraries.

Create a custom workflow and attach to lists and libraries. The custom Workflow cannot be added until the Alert Level and Alert now site column are added to lists and libraries.

     a.	Workflow can be started if current user is a member of Site Owners.
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I hope you already aware about SharePoint Designer 2010. We can create the custom WF for Document library and Calendar list.

To create Approval WF:

an indicator on the site that the users will receive e-mail that there is a new/updated content:

Document management WF presentation PPT:

I hope it will help you to create the WF.

msdevguyAuthor Commented:
need to few more things to complete, hence marked as good
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