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How to troubleshoot monitor display issue

Wizkid003 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-08
I have an HP Compaq dc 5000 MT. A fews day ago when I boot into windows the screen is dark. I power down the computer and restart and everything is ok. The next day when I turned my computer on it boots up fine, but the screen was dark and green, I double check the cable connection, wiggle it around but no difference. so I decided to Ipurchase a PCI DVI / VGA video card. I installed it, power the computer on but I get nothing on the screen, keep in mind that I also replace the monitor with a new monitor. Currently the computer only works with the onboard video card and the screen is green. I have not make any changes with the BIOS. Please advise.
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If you are using both outputs on your graphic card, take out one of them.

If you are only using one output, try and switch your monitor cable over to the other output when the screen goes black, after the green loading bar. If you need to switch from VGA to DVI, there should be an adapter, which came with the graphic card, otherwise you can buy them at nealy every computer vendor.


When I installed the new graphic card DVI / VGA, I use a new DVI cable, but did not try a different VGA cable. First I will try a different VGA cable and see if that helps.


I also try to switch to DVI mode by pressing the mode button on the monitor, but I get no signal.


I just remember that I did swap out the cable also, because I installed a new monitor and use the VGA cable that came with it.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

Using the old monitor and the onboard video card you need to go into the bios to ensure that the the video card slot is enabled before it can detect that there is a newly added video card. Some systems detect the extra card automatically other systems need to have it enabled first.


I change the cable again and plug it in the onboard video port everything works fine.
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