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Run a batch file

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have several computers that are Windows 7 on a Windows 2008 domain. I'm testing a senerio & need to be able to run a .bat file on a remote computer. I've already placed two files on the remote computer via \\\ipaddress\c$

These two files on on the C drive of the remote computer. One file is named 1.bat & the other is 2.html

The 1,bat file executes the 2.bat file if I am sitting in front of the computer but I need to execute the 1.bat file from a remote location...is this possible? If so, how?
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OK, I've just discovered PSEXEC. If I'm sitting at my computer at the c:\pstools prompt how can I run the 1.bat file from here if the 1.bat file is located on \\\c$

psexec \ "c:\1.bat"

That should do it for you. Here are some other examples on how to use it.



I'm trying to run it & keep getting c:\1.bat exited on IPADDRESS with error code 0

any suggestions?


Does PSEXEC need to be installed on the remote computer as well

error code 0 usually means it completed successfully. Check the remote machine and be sure it didnt run. Also, I usually use the computer name and not the IP, but I think both work fine. You do not need psexec on the other computer.


I'm trying to opn IE & go to a specific website...

Below is my cmd I'm using in the batch file but it is not working...

c:\"program files"\"internet explorer"\iexplore http://thesite/wt.html

Instead of going to the site, IE tries to go to:


in the address bar...what am I doing wrong?
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