Exchange 2010 to 2010 cross forest free busy not working

I am having an issue setting up cross forest free/busy.
I have it working 1 way but I can not seem to get it to work the other way.
I folloowed the steps outlined in this article

On the side that it does not work non of the CAS servers show any event id messages.
The only place I seem to get an error is when I run
test-outlookwebservices to it comes up with error 1111.

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brotaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems to have been a bad contact of a migrated user. I migrated more accounts and Free/Busy worked both ways.
viveksahuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please delete and recreate the Virtual directories again and follow the link below.

Delete and recreate the Autodiscover/ EWS Virtual Directories.
Remove-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -identity "CAS server name\Autodiscover (Default Web Site)"
Remove-WebservicesVirtualDirectory -identity "CAS server name\EWS (Default Web Site)"

And follow the kb-940726 again to set the InternalUri.
Perform IISreset.

And also please check whether you have 3.5 .netFramework, if yes please download and install the following hotfix.
KB- 958934
brotaAuthor Commented:
This was not the solutin but would have been the next step to try
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