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Digital Picture Frame

I am looking around for a digital picture frame for Mothersday... one that is at least 5 by 6 and takes USB input and SD card input.  It should be fairly similar to high quality viewing as it is for an elderly woman.  I am really not knowledgeable about theses things.  So, I thought I would ask here before making a poor choice.

Any thoughts?


PS. ...already saw the ViewSonic VFA724W-10 7" Cherry Wood 480x234 Digital Photo Frame over at the Newegg website... way too many negative reviews.
Mark Volz
Mark Volz
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Hi Mark we better hurry up as mothers day is coming, I'm not sure what your asking for?
Digital photos frames are an individual  prferences, here's some goodies with good feedback

Other options
You could create an auto run DVD slidehow with all your images and music . or just play with the images In windows moviemaker 2 or Windows Live Moviemaker in windows 7. It excellent and free
Create A Slide Show With Windows Live Movie Maker
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete.

Good suggestions, but I am defiantly looking for a picture frame... I already gave her a DVD slide show last year.

The Krogan looks like a fantastic deal, but it is a bit out of my price range for Mothers Day... Fathers Day ans Anniversary is in June.  Maybe the Krogan 10.4" is a good anniversary gift.  

For May, I am looking at a NIX N' EASY X08B - 8 Inch...

==> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0031KBKLY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ADZUJ766977TP

Any thoughts on the NIX product?

looks like an excellent gift as well, good feedback too.. the only thig I'd watch out for is the regeon, which country do you reside in?
I'm in Australia and have bought stuff from Amazon only to discover  say with DVD platters the regeon is wrong for me and had to use a regeon free to get my DVD playable here, but with your Digital frame it's also the power it uses. Make sure it matches the power usage for your regeon.
Other than that it looks fine.
You can post a question to the seller.
How old are your parents? A family get together BBQ with lost friends is very memorable.
As they get older they really want less stuff and more interaction with family.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
I am in the U.S.  I double checked out the power and region compatibility and both were ok.  My parents are in their 60's so they still like techy electronic items, but also the memories like BBQ's.  The picture fame is in a sense "traditional", but a little bit techy and should turn out to be a pleasant way to display pictures/videos.

Thanks again!
Thank you AKMARK5000
I'm sure your parents will love it :P
All the Best

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