bash environmental variables gone

I recently changed my ldap password and now my environmental variables in my bashrc are gone.  Does anyone know why this happens or where I can find my old file?  Does a new profile get created when I change my ldap password?
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farzanjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I presume that you were getting your home directory as NFS mount/automount.  When you successfully logged on, it also mounted you with presumably with AUTOMOUNT and gave you your home directory.  That home directory contained your bash profile scripts.

You files should still be intact on the server that kept it.  You can logon by correcting your password problem or you should be able to otherwise check your files in the server's export directory that kept user home accounts
kfeinerAuthor Commented:
i forgot that i had been SUDO'ing in as a diff user which had a different profile.
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