How to monitor the deployment of a software through Active directory install

I have plan to deploy Oracle Java (JRE)  through Active Directory group policy computer assignment.  I created the .msi file, a have modified the property table of msi file to disable automatic updates. I have a few questions i need to understand:

1. What happens if computer already have software installed? For example the software has been previously manually installed?
2. How can i be certain that this software is not installed on every restart (on every GPO policy execution)?
3. Is there a way to monitor the progress of deployment (some sort of log file with all installations?)
Ivica VugrinecAsked:
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KeterHDConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1 & 2: If the software was successfully installed, the GPO will not attempt to re-install the software. Nothing will happen.
3. AFAIK, there's no way to monitor the installation through AD. You have to either have a set of tools such as Microsoft's SCCM (not cheap, but allows tons of options) or a 3rd-party tool, that allows you to search software installed in your network.
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