How to make Tomcat stream media ?

Hi All,

I am entirely new to streaming implementation. I have developed some RESTful web services using Jersey/Tomcat. There are few cases where I need to send audio/video files to the clients, which uptil now I have been sending as a file fr download - now I want to stream these files.

Do I need to write some code for this ? Or I need some third party solutions ...I have heard about Wowza / Darwin / Red5...But I dont know if they can be integrated with Tomcat and my existing services. Any third party solutions need to be free / opensource, and they should support both audio and video streaming. In the near future I need to add transcoding support too..for which I am planning to use Xuggler. So it would be good if the server is having such support.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks !!
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NopiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tomcat and any Java servlet is not good for streaming and transcoding (due to high CPU usage), so I would suggest to use either 3rd party software to stream video/audio (say Red5).
For Red5 you may try to use ApplicationAdapter: to stream video from servlet.

I never did it, but I guess this is the right way.

WinOrLoseAuthor Commented:
Red5 is supporting only flash format. I need to have both audio and video support. Plus I need to have transcoding support too. Is there an option of using Flumotion ? How should I go for it ?
WinOrLoseAuthor Commented:
I needed integration tips with REST, any code would have been more helpful
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