Starting an Apple application with a startup switch

I need to start an application:

 "/Applications/Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta/" -clean

I tried from terminal but I am not certain how to call it.  
How/where do I call the above command in Apple OS X 10.6.7?
In windows i could call similar start switches from the 'run' command prompt.
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roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you have type above should be sufficient in the terminal, have you double checked the app is specified in the correct path?

-- try this::

sudo "Applications... ...CF Builder" -clean

Type your administrator account password when prompted. [if you have the root user active, type this password when prompted]

You could also navigate to that directory, confirm the app is there and type ::

sudo "CF Builder" -clean

If you want to launch this from an icon then you could get it working from the Terminal; then create an Automator task/application to run the terminal command.
rlafleurAuthor Commented:
This worked.  I tried to do open  "/Applications/Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta/" -clean

sudo was the command i needed.
Thank you.
rlafleurAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  sudo was the command I needed rather than open
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