Report Exchange MailEnabled Public Folder and Anonymous has Contributor permission

Hello, I am trying to list mailenabled public folders that includes the Name, Identity, Mailenalbed, PrimarySMTPaddress and what permission the user "Anonymous" has to the PF.

this is what I found so far, and it meets part of my objective.
PS:\$Address = @{Name="SMTPAddress";expression={if ($_.MailEnabled -eq $True){Get-MailPublicFolder $_ | Select PrimarySMTPAddress}}}
PS:\get-PublicFolder "\" -Recurse | Sort-Object MailEnabled | select Name, Identity, MailEnabled, $Address | ft -AutoSize

using the above I'm not sure how to add : get-PublicFolder "\" -Recurse | Get-PublicFolderClientPermission -user Anonymous |fl
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:
Doesn't need too much of a modification:
$Address = @{Name="SMTPAddress";expression={if ($_.MailEnabled -eq $True){Get-MailPublicFolder $_ | Select -ExpandProperty PrimarySMTPAddress }}}
$AnonPermissions = @{Name="AnonymousPermissions";Expression={ Get-PublicFolderClientPermission $_.Identity -User Anonymous | Select-Object -ExpandProperty AccessRights }}

Get-PublicFolder "\" -Recurse | Select-Object Name, Identity, MailEnabled, $Address, $AnonPermissions | Sort-Object MailEnabled

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Note: ExpandProperty in the example above was introduced with PowerShell 2, we'll have to change stuff if you only have PowerShell 1 available.


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