Left to Right Continuous Forms in Access 2010

I am using Microsoft Access 2010.

Is there anyway for a continuous form to go from left to right or horizontally instead of vertically.

Thanks in advance
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Dale FyeCommented:
Short answer, No.
Dale FyeCommented:
Interesting problem.

I suppose you could create a subform and place several of these subforms side by side, to give the illusion of a horizontally continuous form.

You could then setup your main form, so that it's recordsource only contains the Primary key from the subform.  Then you would setup the leftmost subform so that is is linked to the main forms ID field.  The trick would be writing the recordsource of each of the subsequent subforms so that they looked at the appropriate records.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Funny, that is twice this Q has  come up in a week.

Curious however .... what would be the paradigm for doing this ?  IE ... what would it actually mean?

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