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Unable to boot Dell Recovery Partition

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Last Modified: 2013-12-06
I suppose to hit F8 to go to advance where can put the machine to factory setting.  However, if look as if the boot manager get corrupted and and can not be able to do that.

Is there anyway else to utilize the factory recovery image to restore the machine at factory setting?

It is a Dell VOSTRO 200.
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StephenNetwork Infrastructure Analyst

We'll need a little more information on this problem. When you say you are not able to hit F8 to go to the advanced boot menu, does it give you some sort of error or what happens? What is your reason for wanting to do a factory reset? Are you having trouble booting into Windows, or is this just a preference to start from scratch? It is possible you have bad hardware if the machine is crashing or corrupted somehow, so we'd need to verify the hardware is probably good before trying to restore the drive.

The other options is to use a regular Windows CD to start from scratch and then download all your drivers from Dell's website if you aren't able to get the built-in restore feature working. Respond back with as much detail as you can and we can try to proceed from there.
Sean MeyerIT Director

F8 usually gets you to boot options but not the recovery setup.

Try [Esc] key or [F2] or [F10]

Why do you say the boot manager is corrupted?  You may want to check the integrity of your Hard disks.  Download utility from the manufacturer to test or run the Ultimate Boot CD to test http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/


When I hit F8 it bring me to advanced setup.  I can click 'Repair computer'. It will run, suppose to bring up the Recovery Page, instead it bring me to a login user called 'other'.  
That is why I say the boot manager may be corrupted (or some boot  configuration is being changed)
StephenNetwork Infrastructure Analyst

The login page is asking you to put in your Windows username/password just like you would if you were logging into your Windows desktop. Once it has your administrative credentials you can proceed with doing a restore. You must login with an administrative login to give the computer permission to continue. Once you are in then you can perform the restore.


In that link click on Step 3 and it will walk you through the steps to do the restore.


Sorry guys.  I am not very clear.  Let me start from the begining. The reason why I try to restore back to factory is that my Vostro 220 running Vista Basic have no keyboard or mouse available when I boot the computer up.  Hence I am sure there is some virus or something have corrupt the C partition.
That is why I try to restore the computer with the Factory Image.  
As it boot up, I hit F8 to go to Advanced Boot Option, then try to select "Repair my computer"
After a while it will show me a page with an Screen Icon (Other User).  When I click on it, it ask me for the user and password.  None of the admin user/password work.

Where should I go from here?

StephenNetwork Infrastructure Analyst

Are you sure you have the user and password correct? If you can't get the login correct you won't be able to restore it. You will have to get the password right or use a Windows CD to start from scratch. The other option is to get a PS2 keyboard and mouse (assuming you are using a USB set right now) and try to login into Windows and do virus scans and check your drivers to be sure you aren't missing something. It could be a big job. You might be better taking it to a professional if you don't have the tools you need.

I think you're doing it wrong.

On your system, to restore the factory image, you would press <Ctrl><F11>  (hold down the control key and hit the F11 key) when you see the blue bar with www.dell.com at the top of the screen during bootup.

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This is the only way resolve the problem.  Other way do not get me the access without a proper password
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