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Map Mac Network Drive on PC Shows Wrong Folders

telstar_ asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Having some trouble with mapping a network drive on PCs. The network folder is on a Mac. I have SMB enabled, the user accounts are configured for access to it, and yet on a PC when I map it using any of the user accounts with access I get a mapped folder that shows me what you see in the attached file. This is the folder set for the acocunt that is logged into the Mac locally, not the networked folder. Can't figure out how to get it to show me the correct folder.

Stumped since this was all working perfectly two days ago and no one changed any settings. Showing Folders
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Im a little confused as to what the folder should be showing. Is it actually showing the wrong folder, or did these extra folders get created on the share when they shouldnt be? If you map it as a documents drive, it may create the use files in the folder.


It's showing the account folders for the account that is locally logged into the Mac. It's not showing the correct folder, even though the permissions are setup correctly and the mapping is directly to the folder it's supposed to be showing.

And the shared folder name should be "warehouse" correct? Have you tried browsing to the location and see what it shows? Going to it through start - Run: \\\warehouse\
Does that show the incorrect folder too?
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On your mac.

System preferences -> sharing --> file sharing

shared folders

what folder are you trying to share?  Make sure it is there.

Then on the pc.

start menu -->  run  --->  \\\sharename
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