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Wiping documents of Kyocera copiers

is_admin asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have kyocera cs5050 and cs 3035 copiers. I need to return them to the leasing company. I want to wipe the drives of all our documents but I must also return the machines in working condition.

My first thought is to just pull the drives, wipe them and reiistall them. But if I do that, will they still work?

Is there a way to remove just the documents it has collected over the years?

We are changing printer support companies and the old one is mad at us an now wants $500 apiece to do this. I feel like its my data and now Im being blackmailed, so I dont want them to do it.

The new company doesnt use kyoceras so they dont know much about them,

Any ideas?
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Thats it? They want $500 per machine to do that?

Thanks Meko72. I will try that.
I have never checked a HDD prior to using a copiers built in format function, but I would be willing to bet that it does not wipe everything. There are a couple options you have if the above does not work or meet your needs. #1) You can see what the company will charge you for a new HDD and keep your old one. This is very common anymore. I believe Dateline or 20/20 did a special about all the personal information that is left on copy machine HDD and this has spread like a fire storm. #2)You can contact another vendor in your area to see if they can a) do a low level format or b) reload the system firmware after you wipe the drive yourself or purchase another drive and place it in the machine. Hope this helps


Turns out the new company happened to have a tech who use to work for a Kyocera dealer so they were able to do them all for me.

I dont know how they are doing it so I dont know the correct answer.

But for a few of the Kyopcera Models, this did seem to be the way to do it.
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