Wiping documents of Kyocera copiers

I have kyocera cs5050 and cs 3035 copiers. I need to return them to the leasing company. I want to wipe the drives of all our documents but I must also return the machines in working condition.

My first thought is to just pull the drives, wipe them and reiistall them. But if I do that, will they still work?

Is there a way to remove just the documents it has collected over the years?

We are changing printer support companies and the old one is mad at us an now wants $500 apiece to do this. I feel like its my data and now Im being blackmailed, so I dont want them to do it.

The new company doesnt use kyoceras so they dont know much about them,

Any ideas?
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Go to the printer button, look for Hard drive and format it. Say sure and wait.
is_adminAuthor Commented:
Thats it? They want $500 per machine to do that?

Thanks Meko72. I will try that.
I have never checked a HDD prior to using a copiers built in format function, but I would be willing to bet that it does not wipe everything. There are a couple options you have if the above does not work or meet your needs. #1) You can see what the company will charge you for a new HDD and keep your old one. This is very common anymore. I believe Dateline or 20/20 did a special about all the personal information that is left on copy machine HDD and this has spread like a fire storm. #2)You can contact another vendor in your area to see if they can a) do a low level format or b) reload the system firmware after you wipe the drive yourself or purchase another drive and place it in the machine. Hope this helps
is_adminAuthor Commented:
Turns out the new company happened to have a tech who use to work for a Kyocera dealer so they were able to do them all for me.

I dont know how they are doing it so I dont know the correct answer.

But for a few of the Kyopcera Models, this did seem to be the way to do it.
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