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27" Monitor Looks Horrible, HELP!

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Last Modified: 2013-11-08

I am a 5 year experienced technician and stunned I can't figure this

out. Here is my issue:

I currently am running a 24" DVI connected Samsung and a new 27" LED

DVI/HDMI connected Samsung in a dual monitor envoirnment. The 24"

Samsung monitor looks perfect but the 27" is giving me issues. I can

set the 27" monitor to the recommended resolution of 1920x1080

however the following issue happen:

1. The text is really blurry.
2. 1" Black gap around the entire screen, almost as the image is

centered in the monitor.

I have already tried:

1. Updated latest Radeon HD drivers.
2. Reinstalled OS, fully updated everything.
3. Installed monitor on my friends computer and it worked perfect.
4. Switched HDMI cables with friend, confirming the cable is working.
5. Device manager shows correct driver.
6. Disconnected second monitor and only used 27" Samsung.

I am running a fully updated Radeon HD 5770 graphics card on Vista

64BIT Home Premium. I have a 750Watt Antec power supply, 4 gigs ram,

quad core processor, and everything else runs fine on the computer.

Other Information: 27" Samsung Model # S27A550H

At this point I am stumped and may have to return my new LED monitor

:( Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.
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check if there is a driver for the monitor itself in case you are using a generic windows driver.
check higher refresh if available.
hit auto config option on the monitor.



Thanks for the advice. I did install the monitor driver BEFORE I reinstalled the OS but have not put it back in since. Let me do that and see if that helps. I won't be able to get back to my computer until work is over, so if anyone else wants to comment to keep the ideas rolling that would be great.

i hve a feeling the auto config button is something worth trying first.. ive seen that and its an easy oversite.

Hello, you should change the Hertz mode for this monitor: go to >> Screen Resolution >> Advanced settings >> List All Modes, here you will find same resolution you have with different hertz try to change it till you get your text view correctly.


I had a problem like that with my HP LP2475w monitor.  Connected with HDMI cable, and it was floating in the center of the screen unless I played with monitor controls every time I connected/booted.  This was a laptop...so it got old pretty quick.

Instead, I got an HDMI>DVI cable.  Using the DVI connector on the monitor was trouble-free.  I don't have any audio on the monitor, so HDMI was not a necessity.


Thanks everyone. I will be back in front of the PC within the next two hours and will try the recommended solutions.

@ hamza, the recommened refresh rate is already on.



I installed the monitor driver and still same issue. Called Samsung tech support and the lady was horrible, all she could recommend is lowering the resolution.

Strangley enough if I lower the resolution 1 notch the blurry text goes away, however the black boarder still is there.

I am going to try hooking up a VGA cable and see if that helps any.


UPDATE: If I switch from digital to analog the image is fine. It has something to do with how my graphics card is pushing out the digital image.
Rob KnightConsultant


Try ensuring the refresh rates are identical on the 2 monitors?


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