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Microsoft Outlook 2003: Operation Failed

I am having a weird situation with Microsoft Outlook 2003 that I have not found a resolution for. This user is using a pop3 mailbox with PST files.

When I try open Outlook I receive an "Operation Failed" error message and Outlook does not open. Then, if I open Outlook a second time, the client opens normally.

This happens EVERY second time I open Outlook. Outlook is working normally otherwise.

If I open Outlook immediately after receiving the error, the program opens successfully. I am able to compose e-mail, send/receive, check contacts, access calendar, etc.

I have installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) on a Corsair SSD-disk and then installed MS Office 2003 Suite (32-bit). Office SP3 has also been installed. When the error showed up the first time I uninstalled the whole Office Suite and reinstalled it again. The error disappeared for a while, but now it is back again. Running Microsoft Security Essentials as antivirus tool.

There is no Exchange Server involved so the http://support.microsoft.com/kb/820111 does not apply at all. Running "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane" did not help either.

Anyone ?
1 Solution
Will it run ok the first time it opens Outlook in Safe Mode: outlook.exe /safe
If so, then you may have a bad Add-in; in which case, disable the Add-In in Question.

Good Luck!

try running detect and repair

How to install or repair and reinstall Office 2003 programs and features
toyboy61Author Commented:
saastech: Tried starting in safe mode. The first time it went ok, but the second time the same error message pops up again. And this seems to be the rule: First time OK, second time error message, then OK, then error message and so on.. Since this is a "fresh" install (directly from the CD/DVD) there are no extra Add-Ins as far as I know.

ActiveDirectoryman: I have tried to run detect and repair earlier with no luck.

If I uninstall the Office Suite, runs CCleaner to rinse the registry, installs the Office Suite again then it seems to work (for a while). Then the error message pops up again. I have not run any updates or other events to trigger this error situation as far as I can see.

The event logs does not give me any clue, either.
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toyboy61--Perhaps of help
toyboy61Author Commented:
jcimarron: Read my first posting. "
There is no Exchange Server involved so the http://support.microsoft.com/kb/820111 does not apply at all. "

try running outlook under a different user account, preferably an administrator account.  I want to see if this happens to any user and rule out a possible profile problem.  let me know. thanks.  right click the outlook icon not the shorcut and try to run it as a different user.
toyboy61Author Commented:
ActiveDirectoryman: I created a new user with administrative rights and defined two POP3-accounts in Outlook 2003 with this user. When I tried to start Outlook several times I got no errors at all... (?!??!!?).
But when I logged in as the "old" user the same error situations happens once again.....

I've noticed that the "old" user had a problem with the address book-files, and I have deleted all of them.
There are also three mail handling rules which leads to folders which does not exist. Maybe that's the problem ?  I tried to delete them, but they pops up again as soon as I restart Outlook.

Now the error message shows up two or three times before I succeed in entering the program...

Any other suggestions ??
toyboy61Author Commented:
I tried to run ProcessMonitor and caught the two situations (with and without "Operations failed") in two separate logfiles. But when I ran diff on these two logfiles I didn't spot any other differences than the processnumber.. (??!). So I have no clue about the cause of this error situation. Anyone ?

okay. it sounds like you have  a  local user profile issue not a outlook profile issue.  Thats the reason that you appear to be having problems.  It appears that your ntuser.dat file is corrupt.  What you could do is create a new account on your windows 7 machine and copy your profile settings.  first, try creating a new user account and see if you have any issues then if that also checks out then I would create a new user acccount, copy your user profile settings over to the new account, delete the old account and then rename your new user account back to the old account name.  Let me know if outlook works with the new user account that you created.
toyboy61Author Commented:
ActiveDirectoryman: I'll look at this as soon as our National (national day) 17th of May is over.. :-)

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