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I develop primarily in ASP.NET and really like using Windows authenication with the sqlroleprovider as the authorization.

I like the built in methods like Roles.IsUserInRole("Admins") etc.

What are the available options for WPF regarding authoriztion? For example allowing a person to make edits only if they are in a specific role, etc.

I am a newbie to WPF (and Winforms).

Thanks very much,
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Rahul AgarwalTeam LeaderCommented:
Bill732Author Commented:

Thanks for responding, I have seen the second one but not the first one - Thanks!

Do you happen to know about NetSqlAzMan? -  http://netsqlazman.codeplex.com/ - It looks like an approach for using windows authentication and sql stored authorization. Any experience or opionions about it?

Bill732Author Commented:
Very sorry for forgetting to get back to this. Was waiting for more responses, then forgot about it.
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