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What SQL SSIS Connection String ??

I am passing Connection String from C# Application to .dtsx package ..!


Every thing looks good !!! Execution Result comes as Success ..!

Eventually value is not exported to SQL Table ..!

Do SQL SSIS has different Connectin String ?
1 Solution
Jason Yousef, MSSr. BI DeveloperCommented:
Yep , it uses something like

Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=SampleDB;Provider=SQLNCLI.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=False;

You can read more here about SSIS configurations.

the second link is a walkthrough


hope that helps
chokkaAuthor Commented:
Where is UserName and Password

Jason Yousef, MSSr. BI DeveloperCommented:
More options:

1.You can use the Execute Package Utility to change your datasource, before running the package.

2.You can run your package using DTEXEC, and change your connection by passing in a /CONNECTION parameter. Probably save it as a batch so next time you don't need to type the whole thing and just change the datasource as required.

3.Or you can use the SSIS XML package configuration file.
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Jason Yousef, MSSr. BI DeveloperCommented:
CHeck that:


Data Source=ServerHere;Initial Catalog=TestDB;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;

U / P :

Data Source=ServerHere;Initial Catalog=TestDB;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Pwd=gunhill;User ID=sagent;
käµfm³d 👽Commented:

Yep , it uses something like...
That is dependent on the DB you are targeting and the communication mechanism you are using. The string you posted is not applicable to every database!

Can you provide more information about what you are trying to accomplish?
chokkaAuthor Commented:

I am passing this connection string from my Application to SSIS Package ..

string destDir = "Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Server=Server;Database=DB;Uid=sa;Pwd=Password;";

I am getting the output as Execution result as Success ..! But values are not populated in Database ..!

Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Please first double check
1. Package is running successfully from BIDS.
2. Parameter reach at Package
3. Create Custom Error log or Trace log to track the process. Using this you can track the cause of this.

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