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Client cannot connect to MCRM server

himmell asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27

I have a single user that is unable to connect to MCRM 4.0 web server. He is external accessing the external portal.

Ive done some initial troubleshooting and I'm completely stumped:

I verfied all his CRM settings, and everything is correct.
I can access the site internally, and other users can access the external site.
He can ping and tracert to the server, and he can also access other external network services(web mail, vpn, etc)
I've verified all his browser security settings and it mirrors other clients that are able to connect.
I've shut down windows firewall and any other form of security that could be blocking access.

The only difference between him and other users is the fact that he is on Windows 7. This leads me to think that it could be some kind of windows 7 issue...

Does anyone know of some other troubleshoot steps or a fix for this particular problem?
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Does he get an error? What are the details of error? How far does he get? Has he tried using a non-Win7 PC? He is in AD correct? Did his AD account name change for some reason? for example, is his name 'Anthony Smith' and Asmith was his AD , but for reason it was changed to Tsmith for 'Tony Smith.' If this happens, it will cause problems.
Feridun KadirPrincipal Consultant

I have used CRM successfully with Windows 7. There should be no issues with Win 7.

As iamozymandias asked, it would help if you get post a screenshot of the error.

Did you try turning off the firewall on the Windows 7 PC?


I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no complete answer
I think there was enough info given to provide a fix. I thin author solved issue with responses given and does not want to award points. Author never responded to questions or final disposition which indicates a solution was found.
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