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HP 2055 printer tray issue

With a brand new HP 2055 printer, it does not seem to be recognizing tray 2 at all, which is set to legal size paper. We have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the printer locally and have now changed it to a network printer and cannot get it to print to tray 2. It will print to the manual feed tray and tray 3 fine. When we pull tray 3 out to try to force it to pull from tray 2, it keeps trying to pull from tray 3. We have gone over every conceivable setting. We have the exact same printer installed locally on another machine and it prints fine to every tray. Any ideas?  
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Being that it is brand new, it should be under warranty...have you tried contacting HP support yet?
This may be a dumb question, but did you set tray 2 to "legal" in the printer properties?
What is your OS? WIndows?
gthmpdAuthor Commented:
Windows XP Pro. Yep, tried setting tray 2 to legal.
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Can you print internal pages (config page, etc) from tray 2 after setting tray 2 as the default, from the front panel or web interface?

If that works then it's definitely a hardware issue. If it gives an errors message when you try that, it may point you to the fix; otherwise, call HP for repair.

If it does print internal pages from tray 2, then it's more likely a driver setting.
gthmpdAuthor Commented:
Turned out to be a setting on the printer that needed to be changed so the printer would recognize legal paper, not a setting on the specific tray. It is working now
gthmpdAuthor Commented:
Thx for the suggestions, guys.
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