eGovernment infrastructure

How I can start with eGovernment infrastructure ?

Planning & design

What I need exactly ?
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activematxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1st Requirement – Government in good working order – Functioning governance processes – Availability of resources – Consensus on drivers for e-Government – Political support & leadership

Technical Infrastructure

• Telecommunications network
• Internal agency systems
• Cross- Government systems
• Service delivery network – access points
• Internet access • Skilled staff

Legislative Framework
• Privacy&dataprotection • Use of Customer Data by Government • Freedom of Information • Electronic commerce • Copyright • Telecommunications • Cross agency operations
egovernmentAuthor Commented:
Hi activematx

Thank you for the answer

What you meaning by
Government in good working order
I do not know what country you are posting on behalf, but I believe a government should not even consider a eGovernment infrastructure unless the government is stable.  Meaning a stable economy, civil rests, and stability.
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