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Perl  with java popup

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I have some Perl CGI pages where we use a few java pop ups, don't know much about java, I'm trying to add a check to a pop up but not getting what I want.

for example, I have a alert that pops up for this condition:

    if (document.forms[0].building_new.value != document.forms[0].building_orig.value) {
        alert("Please select a CITY xxxxx");
        return false;

This works fine as I can test it with does = or dose not =.

Problem I have is I need to check some other variables other than the building_new but I'm not getting any results, so does not look like they are even being defined as they should be but cannot tell.

For the example above, I know it's doing the compare but how can I print out the value of the building_new in my alert, I've tried to print "document.forms[0].building_new.value" but obviously that does not work, what is the format to print the value of:

I've seen examples such as using:  document.writeln  but I have not got it to work, I need to see how to print out what I'm looking at so I can figure out what is my problem with other checks I need to add.


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I'm sure I'm not doing it right as I'm just guessing, I don't know very little about java.

I tried putting in the alert to print

alert("Please select a CITY xxxxx document.forms[0].elements");

but that just print a pop up and the text of the pop up is:

Please select a CITY xxxxx document.forms[0].elements

I know that can't be right, but what do I need to do to print the elements, that would be good to have.


I did see what I was going wrong on part of it.

If I just use:


Then I do get the value of what's in building_new in my alert.

How can I do a loop to print out all of the values that is in document.forms ?

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>>How can I do a loop to print out all of the values that is in document.forms ?

By doing what i suggested at http:#35449766
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