Mac OS Mass Installation (leopard)

Hello Experts,
I Have 150 Macbook 13.3 White laptops .. I need to install MAC os on them ... what is the best way to install the OS on  all the units (
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roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing you need to do then, is make sure your source machine is the same or greater than your destination macbooks.  Then create your standard image.

Then set up your source/control/netboot machine is you need a netboot server:!/

otherwise just configure and use DeployStudio with your standard image.

Remember: Your image must match the architecture of your client - therefore, build your image one of your destination macbooks and ensure all the others match this architecture.

Do you have a mac server? If so you could use deploystudio to deploy images for the macbook.
jaffan_nadirAuthor Commented:
NO I dont have a server.. any other options?
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You don't need a server for deploystudio - you can run it from a desktop OS X machine.

What version of OS X? What model MacBook (i.e. what year/CPU?)

Are you planning on hooking all MacBooks to the network at the same time? If so, will they all be on the same switch/vlan/network segment?

If you are doing these MacBooks one by one; you could always build a master image on an external hard drive and then use carbon copy cloner.

Answer all the questions above so I can better help you find a solution.
jaffan_nadirAuthor Commented:
I have mac 10.5.8 installed on Macbook 13.3 White laptops core 2 duo. I can hook 10 macbooks to the network at the same time ( wirelessly)
jaffan_nadirAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much
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