Unable to delete large TIFF files

I have a user that is using a Windows 7, 64 bit PC to do photogrammetry work. He is having a hard time deleting large TIFF files from his computer. He gets a file in use error even after rebooting and not opening any of the files or launching an application.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mapalaska2003--Glad to hear the good news.  I am not sure why having to reboot is a problem.  I think Move on Boot does its thing before you are running start up programs.
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Sounds to me like a permissions issue.  Are the files created with elevated administrative rights and your user is trying to delete them as himself / herself?  Try loggin in as local admin first and then deleting.  
mapalaska2003--Reboot in Safe Mode and try deleting.
If not successful use Move on Boot or Unlocker.
mapalaska2003Author Commented:
I tried move on boot and it seems to work OK. Sure wish I could find a way of doing this without having to reboot though...
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