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We have a user search page and search results page. From the Search Results page, user can go to a different pages (probably 3 or 4 other CF pages) of the website in the same window.

Right now we don't have the functionality or links to come back to the search results page from the other pages user has visted. So, basically I am looking to have a link on the pages to go back to the search results page where the user left from.

So, what is the best way to accomlish this? Appreciate your inputs on how to do this.

(Note : Not using any CF advanced techniques since the current code is based on CF 5.0)

Thanks in advance.
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Philippe DamervalConnect With a Mentor Senior Analyst ProgrammerCommented:
Do you have a database behind your application? If so, I can share what I do with my own app to create this functionality:

------> SEARCH
           Delete any existing search results with same session id. Add all search results to table with session ID
           (to allow multiple searches simultaneously)
           Search results page displays results for that session with links to corresponding detail pages. If session
           is expired, returns to SEARCH page.
           Go to results details page(s). Each details page includes link to search results page using session ID. If
           session ID is expired, return to SEARCH page.
------> CLEANUP
           When session expires, delete all search results for that session.


Tpaul_10Author Commented:
I have DB and making it work.

Thanks again for ur help.
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