How does someone get Bloodhound.PDF.20?

Hello Experts,

I am struggling with a computer that keeps getting infected with Bloodhound.PDF.20. It is getting so irritation because when it is detected it slows down the computer as Symantec Endpoint 11.0 keeps scanning and detecting.

 I followed Symantec's instructions on how to remove it by updating the virus definitions and running a full scan but it keeps recurring. The only way so far with any progress was to rename the user's profile and create a new one. It worked for a day and now it's back. Where is this coming from?

Can anyone help me get rid of this virus?
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jmlambTechnical Account ManagerCommented:
Bloodhound.PDF.20 is a heuristic detection for potentially malicious files, which may exploit vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat in order to perform further malicious actions.

Update Acrobat Reader, make sure the definitions/signatures are up-to-date, disable System Restore, boot to safe mode, then run a full scan using SEP.
Is everything up-to-date on that system (Windows Updates, SEP, etc.)?

Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and install it

    * Select "Check For Updates"
    * Perform a "Full Scan"
    * Select All Drivers

If viruses are detected then do the following:
Show Results > Remove All > Restart

Post the log file here.

Download HijackThis and install it. Run the program and choose to do a scan and save to a log file. Attach the log file here.
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