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Scroll bar not big enough (help)

nathan1038 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I have someone building me a Flash application. On the left hand side of the application there is a list, that should have around 100 items on it, but the developer tells me he can not make the scroll bar go down that far and we can only fit 20 or so on the list.

He does not know how to make the scroll bar scroll down as far as he wants. Please observe the picture. Taking the scroll bar right to the bottom will take us to around 20 in the list but I need it to go to at least 100. How do we manipulate the scroll bar so that it can be any size  list
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Are you using Flex or Flash CS. My guess application developed using Flex SDK 3 but your tab zone is Adobe Flash.
Please submit sample of your code I have two options how to fix your problem


I will ask the developer as I am not sure
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Ok, the developer says :

I am just using adobe flash cs5 and using inbuilt scrollbar.. In Flash the canvas area height only allows to a certain height (kind of 5000px). So basically the software discourage in going further down.

 Flex is high end programming tool. Not sure about it.
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The problem not with tool how is implemented.
Ask your developer to create dynamic rendering of items.
This how is working:
 Your list can be 10,100,1000,1000000 (N) doesn't matter, by view elements you can fit only 6 with height 20 px so you have to set maxScrollPosition to (6 * 20) * N.
And when you are scrolling up or down you are repainting (re-creating) new items starting from verticalPosition value.


Thanks for that dgofman. I did not get a reply on here so left it. But the developer just informed me that he is using a pre made flash plug in (erm plug in is not the right word, but I can't think of the right word. scroll bar element / pre made scroll bar that can be manipulated)

At the moment it scrolls down to far when you click the up and down arrow buttons but he says there may be a property to change how much it moves up and down by.
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