Backup Exec 2010 and SQL 2008

I am preparing to install Backup Exec 2010 R2 on a new server that will also have SQL 2008 installed. Is it better to install a new SQL 2005 Express instance with BU Exec, or use the existing SQL 2008 installation? The only direction I have found is in the Quick Installation Guide:
"When Backup Exec is installed into an existing instance, the automated master database restore feature is not available. To recover the Master database, replace it with the Master database copy that Backup Exec automatically creates and updates when the Master database is backed up. Caution: During the installation process and upgrade process, Backup Exec stops and starts the SQL service several times. Other user-created databases that use the SQL Server instance are unavailable during the process. To avoid such conflicts, you should install Backup Exec into its own SQL instance."

Are there any other considerations that help determine the best solution? Are there any reasons I shouldn't have SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 Express installed on the same server?
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Eugene ZCommented:
..if you can install BE DB on excisting sql server -> you do not need maintain 2 sql servers: patching ,; avoid   extra resources consumtion by sql express , etc.

if you must have 2nd instance -> you can istall 2nd named instance of  sql 2008 of the same edition that you have (it is free on the same box)

I had sql 2005 std edition and sql express 2005 installed by BE install pack:
 as result I could not install sp4 on the default sql server 2005 std edition  (just on sql 2005 express)
Let say - I would recommend to have this small BE db on normal server ( it is very small and light db) without extra sql server install:
As the text you pasted mentions BE may restart SQL services during updates. You don't really want to affect your production database when it happens. Maintenance becomes so much easier when you have a separate instance.
So, I would install a separate SQL 2005 Express instance to host Backup Exec. There are no drawbacks in having both versions of SQL side by side.
fisher_kingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for both replies.

Will the second instance only use the hardware resources that it needs (minimal), or will it reserve resources and thus reduce those available to the SQL 2008 instance?
Eugene ZCommented: will use minimum HW (space for installation and memory, etc)... may affect your another sql server instance...
..again: it is another sql server instance with full package of maintenences that you should provide, include in DR plan, security , etc ...
It is up to your environment requirments and policies: have or not to have this second instance

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Features
1 gigabyte (GB) addressable RAM

4 GB maximum database size

fisher_kingAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the replies. I am going to go with EugeneZ's recommendation.
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