Combobox ValueMember Value

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to reference the value of the ValueMember property of a combobox.  I'm using a dataset that I pull from a sql server; i'm able to get the text for the DisplayMember ok, but when I try to display the ValueMember it just gives me "fid".
How do I display the value associated with ValueMember?

        Dim conFrequencies As New SqlConnection(conStringFrequencies)
        Dim daFrequencies As New SqlDataAdapter(strSQLFrequencies, conFrequencies)
        Dim dsFrequencies As New DataSet
        daFrequencies.Fill(dsFrequencies, "Frequencies")

        With cboFrequencies
            .DisplayMember = "name"
            .ValueMember = "fid"
            .DataSource = dsFrequencies.Tables("Frequencies")
            .SelectedIndex = 0
        End With
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Imran Javed ZiaConnect With a Mentor Consultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:
You cannot display ValueMember item but you can get value of selected item as cboFrequencies.SelectedValue

if you want something like multivalue display then think about ListView or some other control.
verify that that column exists.  Its most likely not in the Table as fid.
what is value of strSQLFrequencies?
make sure you are selecting both fid and name.
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vbNewbie2009Author Commented:
The value of strSQLFrequencies is:
Dim strSQLFrequencies As String = "select fid, name from frequencies order by name"

I really don't care to see multi value's in the control, just wanted to be able to show a sensible name to the user they could pick but use the id of the selection instead of the name.  Maybe this is the wrong approach?

what happen if you run the sql in mssql management studio? is name filled or empty?
vbNewbie2009Author Commented:
it is filled; just a simple table for now, but this is the results:

fid      name
1      10 DAY
2      20 DAY
4      MONTHLY
3      PER FILL
vbNewbie2009Author Commented:
Using cboFrequencies.SelectedValue worked!  Thank you.
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