Remote Control Solutions for Windows 7 Clients

I used to be able to log on to a local subnet and launch an icon that bought up a prompt to enter a machine name and Remote Assistance would launch and allow you to control Windows XP machines. Took a bit of tweaking but it was really quite simple.

What is the equivalent in Windows 2008/Windows 7. What is the best method to remote to Windows 7 computers to control or shadow the user's screen without logging off or without sending an email for assistance, etc.
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Remote assistance is built into windows. If these are on the domain, you can create a GPO to allow unsolicited remote assistance and allow only certain user groups permission to do it. When starting remote assistance from Vista or 7, search in the start menu for it. On 7, click on help someone else, then a link at the bottom of the window title "help desk" or something similar. Then you can type in a computer name or IP.

I'll post a link to the Microsoft walkthrough in a minute.

It will work Xp and up. Not sure on 2000.

Of course you will have to poke holes in firewalls.

If you need to get to the machine from outside your network, use a VPN or something like the above poster said.
Install  Or send them the file from

Both are free.  Both are awesome.
Here is the Microsoft kb on the GPO.

The steps are all the same for 2003+.

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

I would suggest using VNC, have a look at if this is just on a local network.
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