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Exchange 2003 log question

I have verified that I have committed logs and I need to reclaim some space.

My question is:

Can I MOVE the log files that have been committed WITHOUT dismounting the store?

I was in the process of running a backup, but it failed about 85% the way through.  Now I don't have the time to run the backup before I run out of space on the drive.  I also have a userbase that is going to be working late tonight and I don't want to take down the store before moving the logs if I don't have to.
2 Solutions

Yes. You can move all the logs that are not active Exx.log will be the active log. The others are all used for recovery. Therefore if you have to move them make sure you DON'T delete them. Find out ASAP why your backup failed. I would also back these logs up before deleting them just in case.
croplifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mass!

Everything I've read instructs you to dismount the store.  Actually, the articles assume that the measure (moving files) is required as a result of  NO disk space and a dismounted database.  I haven't seen an article the specifies if the database is mounted, you can move committed logs.

You're certain that I can just move these committed files without first cleanly dismounting the database?

Thanks again.  I am sweating it out over here.
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Nope,you need to dismount the store to move the log files

1) First Dismount the store
2)Run eseutil /mh to confirm that it is in a clean shutdown state,CLEAN SHUTDOWN" means almost for sure there is no corruption
3) After confirmation move the all the log files ,.chk files to another folder or drive and then try to mount the store

Ref :
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You will have to follow the setps mentioned by Viral Rathod

Reason you cannot move the log files while the database is mounted because even if the E00.log is the current log file we are not sure which log files are yet got commited to database.

So thats the reason it's alawys recommended to dismount the database and do a health check on database the database should be normally in cleanshutdown state. You can then safely move the log files.

FYI Dismounting the database should not take much time if database size is not Large
Ye sure... you can move the committed log files with out dismounting the stores...
Use the below switch to know the last committed log file , and you can remove all the older logs.
eseutil /mk "edb.chk- give the path to your .chk file in quotes"
And one more as your backup is failing  i would suggest not to delete the logs. instead you move to another location till you take a full backup of your store...

Hope this helps
croplifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  Mass and Ashok are correct.  I allocated the majority of the points to Mass since his was first and I began moving committed logs based on his suggestion.

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