can i have a dns server without a static ip

hi,.. I set up my machine using as my dns server..using ddclient on a freebsd server...: its working fine..except I want to have other virtualhosts using apache httpd-vhosts.conf file...:can I set up my machine as a dns server in turn...isnt it just acting as a scondary dns server broadcasting out to the world?...
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I see.  Your hosting multiple domain names on this server.  And your using DNS to propagate the names to the outside world.

Your going to need to have the DNS forwarding tables point to the right virtual hosts.
It would work.  But why?  Virtual hosts within  what purpose?
solunatecAuthor Commented:
I just dont know how else to do it: I want to have other domain names on my server without having to pay for another dyndns custom account...or am I misisng something here...
If I understand the situation, you have a account providing forward DNS name resolution for your server, say, and you want to host additional domains on that same FreeBSD server such as and without having to create additional accounts.

If that is correct, I have only a partial work around for you. You can setup and as cname entries (aliases) pointing to, and that would work for those, but it would not work for and My DNS server (Microsoft) doesn't allow a domain name to be an cname for another host. I suspect that to do so would be illegal in DNS. So, you can make work for free, but not

I think that you will need to setup an account for each unique domain.

As for apache, setup your virtual hosts to use host headers to distinguish between sites. They can all use the same IP address as long as you do not need SSL.
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