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Malware set a bios password -- Now what?

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Ok I was in bios checked disks and then was going to use the recovery console on a Lenovo Y510 with Vista but I first decided to backup the few files on the computer to a flash drive. Finish the backup , reboot and try to get the options again for putting it back to factory state and I am now asked for a bios password.  I have done one to two hundred of these things and I am absolutely positive I did not accidentally set one.

Compounding the problem I am not even able to run .exe's from the desktop.  I am asked -- "What program do you want to use to open this program."

The bios has hard drive selected as first boot option so I can't use a disk to clean it up and safe mode is infected as well.

Where would you go from here ?
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You have just remove the battery, if it's a notebook you can remove the battery and the transformer and hold the power button 30 secs (this not always work with all computer)
when I say the battery it's the CMOS battery on the mainboard
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Sean MeyerIT Director



Michael -- that is old information.  As shjacks55 pointed out any new hardware does not have the battery limitations.  

shjacks55 -  They did not like my story and all I was able to accomplish with the different software was to wipe the bios clock and now it is even more annoying in that it makes me hit F2 on boot and enter three times to attempt a password and F2 again to enter the OS.  Not a huge problem but the system clock will not stay set when adjusted within windows.  And because of this windows updates will not happen until you set the clock.

rpggamergirl - Thank you for the solution of just fixing the problem.  The system threw me for a loop when it reset the BIOS password.  Computer is in working condition and will be sent to Lenovo for Bios reset.  
Sean MeyerIT Director


shjacks55 -- I did not try the Debug in DOS as I did not want to brick the system.  Have you tried this yourself before ?
The Bios Companion I've uploaded includes "password checking option" page 138 ff which includes the debug code, the data in CMOS Ram area has a checksum. If the checksum fails the bios rebuilds it as if it was a brand new computer. The "CMOS" emulation will not be harmed by debug since most information stored there (except the password) is trivial, like 5 1/4 inch floppy drive information.

Dell/Intel's made some newer boards that turn off the fan and the CPU overheats, but debug has nothing to with that: those boards were "born that way".
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