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How do I undo a deployment of a Visual Web Part?

I was working through the introductory sharepoint 2010 labs, and deployed a bad Visual Web Part (It was missing this closing tag:  </SharePoint:SPGridView>). I didn't know about this being a problem (since the compile was fine) until after the deployment. When I added the new web part to the home page, at intranet.contoso.com, it created an error. The home page became wacked. When I tried to put the home page in edit mode, it alerts me to the error, and refuses to go into edit mode, so that I might remove the bad web part.

I then fixed the error in Visual Studio and re-deployed (not sure if this was the right procedure or not, but there was no complaints from Visual Studio). However, I still can't get into edit mode. Somehow, the re-deployment failed.

If I can somehow undo the deployment of the Visual Web Part, then perhaps I will get a fixable error in the home page (something along the lines fo a 'missing reference'), then if I remove any such  reference in that page, I may be able to re-deploy a good component, and then set a reference to the good component (i.e., Visual Web Part).

1 Solution
Add the contents=1 in the query string and remove the web part.

example :-


It will give the list of all the web part added in your home page. Delete you custom web part and home page will be up and running.

Add you compiled web part again
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