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How to create copy-protect CD which has mp3 files


I have created a Cd with MP3 file. How can I make this Cd copy-protect so that no one can copy this MP3 file?

1 Solution
As we all know it is a typical problem and cannot be easily overcome. It becomes a bit more difficult if you protect it!
- It's simple as this, if you protect your MP3 with some kind of encryption, the end user will need some kind of password or decryption keys.
- Your competitor may also buy the same. Even new buy hackers do the same and re sample it. They can even go for a re recording with this stuff and a get an unprotected one.
- i think that copyright and EULA messages may help you to some extent. Steganos Security suite people have a good product: http://www.steganos.com/us/products/overview/
It has the potential to hide encrypted stuffs inside an mp3's. You could make a EULA, and hide it in each MP3. And you could identify you mp3's later, if somebody copies your stuff and distribute it. However, the negative side is, if the other person re samples then the EULA may not be in there...

so it is obvious that there is no easy going..
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
If it can be played, it can be copied.

USE Alcohol cd burner and use bad sector protection or any of the 5 ways provided ...

Thank you.

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