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port forwarding problem

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27

I have ADSL router with public ip address, I did the port forwarding for port 80 to redirect to IIS in a web server in case client put my public ip address in his browser and its working fine.

now, the company brought another device which can be controlled and configured in a web portal,
so when I click I can view the web based application for that device,
my manager asked that he wants to view this from his home, so when he just put the public ip address and port 90 he would view the web portal of that device ((98.45.x.x:90))

I did that but its not working, I couldn't view the web application of the device, but its working fine for port 80 !

((98.45.x.x:80)) is working and pointing to iis server but ((98.45.x.x:90)) is not working!

so how can I solve that?
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To clarify, the 2nd device is listening on port 90 instead of the standard port 80?

The port forward for this device is going to the right IP? And the IP is static?


yes, I have modifies the port, it was 80 but I changed it to 90 so the ADSL router will point to that device

(I have test it on browser and it works in LAN)

In your original question you mention testing it on, and now you mention testing it on - is the IP on this device dynamic (assigned through DHCP)? Or has it been changed by you?

For the port forward to consistently work, you want the IP to be static (unchanging) - either a static configuration on the device, or a DHCP reservation will do the trick.

Once the device has its IP statically fixed, ensure the port forward on the router points to this IP. Is this the case?


sorry, its, I wrote other ip in my mind by mistake, but its and the is written by mistake

Does the device have any ACLs that restrict access to the web interface (e.g. local subnet only)?

Can you post a screenshot of the port forward settings on the router?


I can confirm the device ip is static ( and the ADSL has public static ip address ((98.45.x.x:90))

but its not working
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