I've started the sbs2003 to sbs2008 migration. When i run "Configure for Internet Access" I've typed in our domain name and said I'll maintain it myself. The result is a big tick next to "Remote We Workplace Website" & "Excange email" however a warning next to "Internet Router"

The message says it cannot open the ports 25, 80, 443 & 987 to the IP Address of the server and I must manually open the ports.

The router is a Netgear DG834Gv4 and UPnP is turned on. I tried configuring these port as "Allowed" on the inbound services but still got the same message.

Is the message a show stopper? If so how o I fix it? Do I need a better router?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
As long as you opened te ports, you can continue. The wizard has no way to test if inbound ports are open. Ot can only report if auto-configuring the router worked. Since it can't test a manual configuration, it reports a warning, not a failure. This is normal behavior and, while it can't gaurantee that you can access RWW externally, is also not a show-stopper. It simply means you'll have to manually test, and potentially tweak settings, down the road.


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KinwardstoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cliff One problem is that the Netgear does not have an option to open 987 (it only allows you to choose from a pre-defined list). Does this mean I'll have to "allow all" then add disable to the many that are not required?
KinwardstoneAuthor Commented:
Sorry - pressed the wrong button. The points should've gone to cqaliher
KinwardstoneAuthor Commented:
Cliff GaliherCommented:
All of the netgears I've worked on have a separate interface to define "custom" protocols. Once you create a custom protocol (you'd create something like "sharepoint" and TCP 987) then it appears in the dropdown list. The interface is somewhat buried on some models, but it works.

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