show replies in Mac inbox together with originals

Brief question related to Apple Mail. Is it possible to show replies together with the initial message in the inbox like in Thunderbird?  I like that a lot and wonder how that can be achieved in Mac OSX 10.6.7
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Bryan_VinesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can sort of do this by using a Smart Mailbox and threaded message viewing. For instance, you could have a Smart Mailbox which shows mail received today, and includes messages from Sent. With threaded message view enabled, you'll end up with all messages which were received today, along with their replies.

To do this:
  - In Mail, click the Mailbox menu, then click New Smart Mailbox...
  - In the sheet which appears:
      - Type a name for your new Smart Mailbox, such as Today's Mail.
      - Contains (messages) that match (all) of the following conditions:
      - (Date Received) (is today)
      - Check the box to Include messages from Sent
      - Click the OK button.
  - Click the View menu, and make sure Organize by Thread is checked.

When you view messages in the Today's Mail smart mailbox, your replies will be grouped with the message to which you replied.

You can expand the time range of the smart mailbox to cover more than one day. You may notice this smart mailbox will also show you messages received today, regardless of what mailbox they're in. If you try to restrict it to only showing messages from the Inbox, you won't see messages in Sent, even if the box is checked to do so, because... well, you'll have restricted it to only show messages in the Inbox. :)

Hopefully that'll do most of what you want.
Bryan Vines
rhandalthorAuthor Commented:
Great solution. Thanks for that!
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