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akbiro asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Is there a way to open two worksheets at the same time in Excel
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you mean, in a single window, u would want to keep two sheets open? not possible..

but u can have those sheets in two diff files and open them in "restored" window state for any review/compare purpose if you want.

let me know if it helped.



How do open a second restored window
just open the first file in excel. click on the file's restore button (not the excel main restore button). go to file->open, open the second file, and do the same, now u can resize and arrange!!!

hope it helps!!


Not sure I understand.
I have two worksheets in the same Workbook.  I want to open both worksheets.
that's what i have told in the beginning! we cant keep two worksheets in the same file open!

u gotta have them in two diff files!!

actually what's the purpose of it? i assumed to review/compare some data manually or so!!


I have a main worksheet.  The main worksheet consists of line totals that are a summary of details in several detailed worksheet.  So when I want to work on Sales, lets say, I go to the Sales worksheet and see all the details.  Once I have made my changes, the new totals show up in the Main worksheet.

I would like to see those changes on the detailed worksheets as they change the main worksheet!

But, I guess it is not possible.  Thanks
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Thanks...I appreciate the suggestions, but I will just continue flipping back and forth...it is not that hard...

Appreciate your patience with me...have a good day!
cool!! but i would suggest u can have references and keep on monitoring as u enter the values!!

you have a good day too!!
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