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I have reps in the field that are paid a commission on the sales they write.  When we receive a sale, we assign that sale to a rep.  When the invoice is paid, the commission becomes due.  Is there a way to handle this in Quickbooks?
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There is not a way to have QB automatically calculate the commission payable
But below is  a report that many companies will memorize and run and export to excel and a commission rate assigned and calculated.

There are add-on software available
http://marketplace.intuit.com  which will help you track complex commission structure

The new APP Center has an commission application that integrates with QuickBooks.
I do not have experience with it

To determine the commissionable amount,
Run the following Reports > Sales by Rep (or Sales by Rep detail)
Click on Modify button on the report button bar
Change the date range to Last month
Click on the CASH Basis
Click on the filter tab >   Select the item filter
  Click on the down arrow next to the item filter and scroll up to select
  Multiple items,  click hold and drag down the mouse to select all items
  Then unselect the items you do not want to pay commission on such as

Linda Saltz
akbiroAuthor Commented:
Cool beans...let me give it a whirl!
akbiroAuthor Commented:
Perfect and thanks
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