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Hello, i'm doing a migration from BES 4.1 to 5.0, but also changing the exchange servers,  the user mailboxs have been  created in a new exchange server. The transporter tool migrates the accounts, but they are not activated, as references to the old exchange server are still on the database. Is there any way to solve this? Thanks,  irene

the original exchange server and the new one are exchange 2007 sp3, windows 2003 std, different names and different exchange organizations
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irene323Author Commented:
this issue is old, as the servers were in different organization names, i recreated the accounts, thanks anyway
Have you restarted the BES server to pickup the new mailbox location? I know in BES 4.1 if you moved a mailbox in Exchange 2003 to a different storage database, the BES 4.1 would not pick up the new location until the service was restarted. The issue is that all the accounts on the BES will reconnect to the server and scan the their mailbox again after the restart. This could cause some downtime to user depending if you have a high amount of users on the BES.

You can also try to refresh command on the new BES 5. I had to do this when I just added a new user to the system and the BES 5 had not updated itself yet.
irene323Author Commented:
solved by myself
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